A man from Pakistan is being hunted down by authorities for setting their home ablaze resulting in the deaths of his two daughters and their four children.

Per reports, the man identified as Manzoor Hussain set the house on fire for his disapproval of the love marriage of Fauzi Bibi to Mehboob Ahmad 18 months ago.

Hussain shared the home with his two sisters, Fauzi and Khursid Mai. The husband of the latter also perished in the fire according to police in a report by Reuters.

Ahmad was fortunate enough not to be at home at the time of the blaze. He arrived from work only to find out the charred abode that also claimed the life of his four-month-old son. Khursid’s three children also died in the fire.

“I was in Multan for business. When I returned and was near my home, I saw it in flames. Two men Manzoor Hussain and Sabir Hussain were seen fleeing the spot,” Ahmad said.

Ahamd shared how his marriage to Fauz was opposed by his father. They were not in line with the love marriage and appeared to have favored an arranged marriage instead.

In Pakistan, hundreds of women are killed by their relatives annually when they marry without the consent or against a family’s wishes. Most still follow the outdated belief that marriages should be arranged.

"The incident is the outcome of the rivalry between the two families over the love marriage," police spokesman Abdul Majeed said.

Rescue chief Dr. Hussain Mian confirmed that responders were able to retrieve the charred remains of a 65-year-old man, two women aged 35 and 19, and the four children, the Dawn reported.

The bodies have been sent for autopsies and forensic examinations.

Pakistan records about 1,000 cases of honor killings every year, according to the Human Rights Watch.

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