Police: MoMA Stabbing Suspect Banned From Museum For 'Destructive Behavior' Public

A 33-year-old man from Wilton Park, Stockton has been given a 24-year jail term after stabbing the mother of his child 31 times using a kitchen knife.

Chris Blakemore, labeled as a controlling and manipulative ex who tried to murder a woman in front of her young child, refused to leave his cell at HMP Durham to attend Teesside Crown Court on Thursday; still, he has been sentenced in his absence. The court heard that Blakemore, who has been categorized as a "dangerous offender," refuses to admit guilt to attempted murder. He claimed he acted "in self-defense when his ex-partner came at him with a knife."

Blakemore reportedly forced his way into the woman's home in the town in October 2019. During the Dec. 2021 trial, it was revealed that he became angry after finding a condom wrapper in the bathroom bin of his ex's home. The following day, Blakemore entered his ex-girlfriend's house uninvited. He initially asked to borrow money but then pushed open the back door, picked up a chopping knife and launched an attack on his ex-girlfriend.

He repeatedly stabbed her before she managed to lock herself and her child in a room and call 999 for help. According to Cleveland Police, the attack left the woman needing hospital treatment for dozens of stab injuries. The two-minute stabbing was witnessed by the woman's seven-year-old son, who was standing on the staircase at the time of the incident. Despite being charged with attempted murder, Blakemore continued to deny what he had done.

Chief Inspector Deb Fenny of Cleveland Police said, "This was a horrific, sustained attack on a woman in her own home and in front of her young child. I can only imagine the terror they must have felt and the impact this traumatic incident has had on them both. I hope that today's sentence will bring at least a degree of closure for them."

She added, "I'd encourage victims of domestic abuse to contact Cleveland Police at any time. They can be assured we will protect and support them while doing all we can to bring perpetrators to justice."

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