A man was reportedly stabbed to death at a Dave & Buster's store after an argument ensued over an arcade prize he won in Times Square, New York on Saturday, April 30.

The victim, Allen Stanford, was reportedly knifed after a bizarre altercation escalated between him and 41-year-old Jesse Armstrong over a yellow drone he won in the popular arcade-themed chain restaurant on W. 42nd St. near Eighth Ave. The victim was killed while redeeming tickets for a prize inside a Times Square Dave & Buster’s arcade in New York City, Daily News reported.

The slaying left Stanford’s blood splattered across the arcade prizes. Even though he was rushed to Mount Sinai Morningside hospital for immediate treatment, he was pronounced dead upon arrival by hospital authorities.

Following the stabbing, Armstrong reportedly fled the scene. However, he was quickly arrested by responding officers and taken into custody.

When Armstrong was questioned, the accused claimed that it was the victim who attacked him first and that Stanford threw the first punch. Following the stabbing, Armstrong, who lives in Harlem, was charged with murder. He is now being held without bail.

Preliminary investigations revealed that Armstrong has several prior arrests including one for a previous murder case.

“They took my brother,” the victim’s sister Lubertha Stanford said. “Summer’s coming and he’s not going to be here. There so many events. ... He brings the family together. No matter what goes on in our family, he brings us together.”

Stanford was reportedly the youngest of four siblings. He leaves behind two older sisters, an older brother, and two children.

“He’s always going to make you laugh,” said the sister. “He’s so sharing, you know? If you walked up, he’d be like, ‘Hey, you want something to eat? Something to drink?’ He’s going to feed you, no matter what. That’s him.”

According to Lubertha, Stanford’s nickname "Gold" came from his mother who compared him to “a thousand-dollar piece of gold.” Meanwhile, Stanford was found to be particularly close with his other sister, and the pair sported matching tattoos: “#1 brother” and “#1 sister.”

“He had a really great heart,” said Kristal, Stanford's 19-year-old daughter.

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