A man in Wisconsin is facing charges of felony murder on Sunday after a failed attempted robbery of a home where he took a selfie that shows a few of the victims that he killed in the background.

Travis Birkley, 34 years old, was arrested in January when he attempted to rob a multi-residence house in Milwaukee, which was the property of Donta and Michelle Williams. Him and a potential unidentified second person were there in an attempted drug robbery of the house, according to CBS News.

Birkley and his cousin were reportedly at the scene to rob Donta Williams of the narcotics in his possession. However, Michelle Williams showed up at the scene, forcing Birkley to shoot her and then him in quick succession. The noise was heard by others in the home, which pushed Birkley to shoot and kill the potential witnesses, the Daily Beast reported.

The police found the bodies of the victims the next day, with the Williams couple being found on the first floor, and other victims Charles Hardy, Caleb Jordan, and Jovini Liddel in the basement. They also found the body of Donald Smith underneath a pile of clothing inside a bedroom.

Among the evidence found in the police’s possessions was data from Birkley’s cellphone, which included a selfie that seemed to show the basement of the home with some of the bodies in the background. Birkley was also wearing Donta Williams’ glasses in the selfie.

“The Defendant took a photo of himself in what appeared to be the basement where three dead bodies were later located,” a police complaint on the matter said.

Ballistic evidence suggests that there was a second shooter in the home, as the shell casings were found to have been shot from two different guns instead of one. Theories on the second shooter’s identity has not been made public as of press time.

Birkley was given a bail of $1 million, which he has yet to pay.

A man in Wisconsin was charged with the murder of six people after a botched drug robbery led to him taking a selfie with some of the bodies in the background. This is a representational image. Mykola Makhlai/Unsplash.

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