A 31-year-old man has been for raping three women and also forcing them to eat their feces.

He was identified as David Fury-Walsh. The 31-year-old was found guilty of 25 separate charges after the three rape victims came forward to share their horrific ordeal that happened in September 2021.

Authorities received the report and wasted no time tracking down and eventually arresting Walsh. It was added that two women also came forward to report the 31-year-old’ abusive behavior, Men reported.

The victims said that when they initially met the accused, he appeared caring and generous. However, this changed over time with Walsh abusing women and then forcing them to have sex on demand.

Further, the 31-year-old also allegedly controlled the finances of his female victims, something that included taking out loans and manipulating them into handing over their savings.

There was also the part where two women were allegedly forced to eat their poo. The victims also suffered violent assaults if they refused Walsh’s demands for sex.

For his actions, the 31-year-old was charged with 25 offenses. He was found guilty of all the charges after a three-week trial at the Chester Crown Court on Dec. 14, the Daily Mail reported.

Among the offenses that Walsh is facing include 13 counts of rape, four counts of sexual assault, three counts of controlling and coercive behavior, three counts of actual bodily harm, one count of sexual touching and possession of a knife.

"Fury-Walsh is a violent and manipulative bully, and even when faced with all the evidence against him, he refused to plead guilty to any of the charges,” Detective Constable Jade Bannerman said about the verdict.

"Thankfully, as a result of the statements provided by the victims, and the evidence we gathered the jury have seen through his lies and he is now being held accountable for his actions," he added.

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