Mexico City's mayor, Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa, met with New York's Michael Bloomberg to discuss a memorandum concerning the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. According to El Milenio, the Government of Mexico City (D.F.) will now join New York on a Second Program of Climate Action 2013-2020, in which cities will set new goals for carbon gas emissions, as well as taking measures that will allow a greater capacity for reslieince, resistenct and adaptation by Mexico's capital in the face of natural disaster created by climate change

In the meeting at New York's Bloomberg Foundation, Mancera promised that the Mexico City Government, in conjunction with the C40 group, would develop an annual plan to support the agreement and would establish a protocol to achieve the stated objectives. Present at the meeting were also Marjorie B. Tiven, Commissioner of the Mayor's Office for International Affairs and Kelyy Henning, director of the International Health Programming at the Bloomberg Foundation. 

Prior to the discussion with Bloomberg, Mancera had a meeting with Ben Flanner, a distinguished leader in the field of urban agriculature. Mancera spoke with Flanner about technologies for sustainable energy. Reforma reports that Mancera is planning on developing a rooftop agriculture program similar to what exists in New York.