Despite struggling mightily at times during the current season, Manchester United higher-ups remain confident the defending Barclays Premier League champions will be able to rebound heading into the 2014-2015 campaign under first-year boss David Moyes. The former Everton coach took control of the franchise following the resignation of long-time boss Sir Alex Ferguson and even though most of the roster from last season’s championship team returned, the Red Devils have not been able to compete with league powers in Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and rival Manchester City. While club officials hope to experience a quick return to league supremacy, a former Premier League figure doesn’t see an immediate turnaround taking place at Old Trafford. Foresee

“It could be 10 years at least before they win the title again,” former Manchester City and Leeds United defender Danny Mills said recently. “The whole rebuilding process is going to take three or four years at least. Then you have got to think Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool will strengthen -- and Tottenham and Arsenal could possibly strengthen as well. David Moyes has not won the league. He has not won a trophy. If he had a good team he might get back in the top four and Champions League, but I think that they are a long way off competing and winning a title. Going into Manchester United, you had to build on massive success and that is where David Moyes has found it difficult.”

The Red Devils currently find themselves seventh in the twenty-team English League and while their struggles in England have been well-documented, the defending BPL champs are also in a steep hole in the UEFA Champions League. After dropping the first leg in the Round of 16 against Greek squad Olympiakos 2-0, United will now be forced to rebound at home on March 19 if they’re reach the quarterfinal stage for the first time since the 2010-2011 season, where they dropped the UCL final to Barcelona.

Nemanja Vidic Manchester United Man U skipper Nemanja Vidic never expected his club to struggle this much just a season removed from a Premier League title. Reuters

Preparing for the final leg against Olympiakos before returning to Premier League action against West Ham United and a showdown with City in the Manchester Derby, United skipper Nemanja Vidic believes his squad needs time to gel and adapt under David Moyes. Though he assumed his side would not be able to compete as strongly as they did during last season’s title-winning run, the long-time Man U defender never saw struggles of this magnitude coming in their direction.

“What went wrong this season? There has been a lot of talk, we changed our manager,” Vidic said. “It’s a year of transition. They’re surprised that it’s not going the same as last year. I knew that it was going to be difficult and that we wouldn’t be winning as many trophies. Moyes needs time to adapt to the players and the same goes for us with him, but I didn’t think things would have gone this bad.”