Though previous reports suggested he was leaning toward a departure from Old Trafford, Manchester United striker Robin van Persie said recently that he’s happy to be with the defending Premier League champions. Life as a Red Devil hasn’t been easy this season -- since the club is out of contention for a repeat performance in the BPL and on the verge of UEFA Champions League elimination -- but through all the struggles, the Dutchman remains focused on helping the English giants rebound from a tough campaign under first-year boss David Moyes. In a recent interview with United Review, RVP said he wants to remain at Old Trafford even after his contract expires in 2016.

“The truth is I’m very happy here at this club,” he said. “I signed for four years and I’d be delighted to stay even longer, beyond the next two years I have left on my contract. This is how I feel, although it’s not what has been suggested in the media. I don’t mind if my performances get dissected and people criticize what I’ve done on the pitch. They can talk about my game 24/7 for all I care…and a lot of those opinions and criticisms may actually be right. So I don’t mind that. What I need to address are the situations when people are taking it upon themselves to think for me, make assumptions, or interpret things as if they are me.”

Notching 14 goals in 23 appearances for Manchester United this season, Van Persie remains a capable scorer and someone the Red Devils can look to for consistent production on the offensive end. While he maintains he’s happy at United, the Netherlands National team star was recently critical of his teammates, stating that there are times when they get in his way while he’s trying to establish himself on offense. The harsh words came shortly after Man U’s opening leg UCL Round of 16 loss to Olympiakos so it’s easy to see why many believed the striker to be unhappy. In wrapping up his recent interview, Van Persie made it clear that he has no problem with the squad or boss David Moyes.

“I'm very happy with my team-mates and I'm very happy with my manager and his staff,” RVP noted. “The sessions we have on the training ground are fantastic and I'm learning a lot from them every day. I've been a professional footballer for 12 years now and there's no doubt I'm learning new things and progressing with David Moyes. I've worked with some brilliant coaches and I've taken a real interest in all the methods they use and the choices they make. I can tell you that Moyes' sessions and the things he says in his team meetings are spot-on.

“I really enjoy working under him and I'm absolutely convinced things will pick up and we'll turn it around. There is mutual respect between us and the work environment is actually good. He really wants things to work here at Manchester United and I want the same, just like the other players. We're all working hard to make this work.”

Manchester United battles BPL rival Liverpool on Sunday, March 16 before wrapping up the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 three days later against Olympiakos, who lead 2-0.