A man's finger was cut off in a horrific machete attack on a street of Cheetham Hill.

The terrifying incident that took place on Bury Old Road was captured on camera. In the video, two men are seen dressed in black and running to a silver colored car. They are chased by another man who seems to have a blood stain on his shirt. The man with injuries tries to pull one of the men out of the car. This is followed by a violent struggle during which it appears that machetes are taken out. The car eventually leaves the spot.

Warning: Graphic content

A person who witnessed the drama said, "I saw two guys running to the taxi, then the machete swung and a guy's finger was cut off. He was telling us to find his finger." The witness is still in shock, and called the episode awful, according to Manchester Evening News.

Greater Manchester Police issued a statement saying that they were informed about the violent attack around 7.10pm on Monday. The police said that emergency services established that a man in his 30s had been stabbed. He was taken to a hospital with injuries that appeared to be life-changing and serious. Arrests are yet to be made in connection with the machete attack, so police have asked people to help.

A shop worker, who did not wish to reveal his name, was not surprised by the attack. The person said that it was quite normal, and there have been a few similar cases in the past, reported Daily Mail. Another person doesn't believe in socializing much in the area, and admitted to knowing only the customers.

Sharing her experience of working in Cheetham Hill, one Twitter user said that she was surprised to see "what our once great country is turning into." She said that she had worked in the area years ago. She admitted that it was rough back then, but nothing of this scale.

Another pointed at the diversity in the place saying that Cheetham Hill is considered to be the most diverse area in the UK. After watching the video, the user wondered if diversity is still a strength. Another laughed at diversity being their strength.

Machete murder
A teenager had both of his index fingers cut off by members of a Mexican crime group after he declined to traffic narcotics for the gang. This is a representational image. Pixabay.