Startling claims of Russian soldiers slicing off their prisoners' teeth are among the most extreme forms of torture carried out so far.

The soldiers are alleged to have tortured a man and his wife in horrifying ways, including chopping his teeth out of his skull and electrocuting him, the Daily Star reported.

Kherson was taken over by the Russian army in the early spring of last year, and once the city was freed, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) found hundreds of graves dispersed throughout the city as well as torture chambers.

Locals in Kherson described how the Russian military kidnapped and tortured victims in basements, stole automobiles, pillaged homes, and threatened them with death to force them to work for the occupation authorities.

One woman, Olha Kuts said that she listened, helpless, as her husband screamed in pain at the hands of the Russians.

"My husband was being beaten in a nearby cell. They were treating men particularly harshly," she told the Insider. "I heard my husband's inhuman screams, which were mixed with the screams of other men – they were squealing in pain.

"They kept moralizing me and then sent me “to think” in a damp, cold cell with bare concrete, two chairs, and shabby walls," she continued. "They would hit me with anything they could find – police batons, bottles. They just hit me and left."

"Once I dared to ask why they were doing this, and the answer was simple because I am Ukrainian and we all harass the Russian-speaking population in Kherson," she added. "I was luckier than my husband, I wasn’t electrocuted."

The woman continued further about the torture.

"Unfortunately, my husband was electrocuted, had his back teeth sawn off, and ribs fractured from frequent beatings," she said. "I saw him lose consciousness and the soldiers literally had to drag his body into the cell."

"They could leave him there for four days or a week without food or water," she added. "In the first month, he was only physically traumatized, and when my husband was barely alive, they started crushing him mentally."

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The victim, convinced she might be killed by her ex-husband, decided to prolong the trip to buy time in gaining the defendant’s trust. She managed to convince Hamett they should get back together and remarry in Arkansas. Following the abductor's orders, the woman contacted her parents and her boyfriend so they would not worry about where she might have been. This is a representational image. PIXABAY

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