Cristian Castro’s dad, Manuel “Loco” Valdés, is sticking up for his oldest son Marcos after Mexican comedian Sergio Alejandro Verduzco, better known as “Platanito, accused him of sexual harassment earlier this month.

“El Loco” Valdés confirmed his son’s homosexuality during a recent interview with Mexican magazine TVnotas but put in question the veracity of the published texts by saying they were out of Marcos Valdés’ character.

“I don’t think Marcos is that dumb,” the 85-year-old actor told the publication. “He is also not shameless enough to be doing that, and for that reason I have no problem talking about the situation.”

He added, “I also don’t think Platanito is a God’s soul.”

Loco Valdes Manuel "Loco" Valdés defends son Marcos amid sexual harassment controversy. YouTube/CanalEstrellaTV

A couple of weeks ago, the “Noches con Platanito” host expressed his anger on social media after Marcos Valdés attempted to have a sexual conversation with him via texts.

“I have nothing against the gay community,” he wrote in a post. “I appreciate and admire them, in fact, some of my greatest friends are gay. But one thing is to be gay, and another to be disrespectful.”

He continued, “I received a message from this guy saying hello to me. So here I am thinking that this is just a greeting, so I replied. We started to have small talk, and it was very weird since the beginning. I didn’t understand what he was saying. Then things started to get racy and it all ended in grossness, anger, madness and disgust.”

“He sent me photos of his surgically fixed behind, which I found disgusting, and he explained his sexual preferences to me and his tastes, which I don’t really care for, “ he concluded.

Recent reports revealed that there is no proof at the moment to suggest that one of the accounts was hacked.

Marcos Valdés has yet to address the allegations.