Mexican comedian Sergio Alejandro Verduzco, better known as “Platanito,” fired back at Manuel “Loco” Valdés after TVnotas published an interview in which the 85-year-old actor suggested sexually harassing people online was not something his son Marcos Valdés would do.

“I don’t think Marcos is that dumb,” he told the publication. “He is also not shameless enough to be doing that, and for that reason I have no problem talking about the situation.”

He added, “I also don’t think Platanito is a God’s soul.”

Loco Valdes, Platanito "Platanito" fires back at Manuel "Loco" Valdés for defending son Marcos amid sexual harassment controversy. YouTube/CanalEstrellaTV

The famous clown took to Twitter to express his thoughts on an 85-year-old dad defending his grown-up son.

“I remember people would stand up for me when I was a kid,” he tweeted. “But defending your 53-year-old son? How embarrassing!”

“My mother taught me to show my face always, not my butt,” he added making fun of the nude pictures he allegedly received from Marcos Valdés.

He continued, “The problem is not his sexual preference, it’s the harassment and getting disgusting photos.”

According to Platanito’s Twitter account, more victims have come forward and shared their private messages with the actors on social media.

“Here’s another guy that has been sexually harassed by Marcos Valdés and his daddy keeps defending him,” the entertainer tweeted, adding a screenshot of Baldemar Reyna’s supposed conversation with Marcos Valdés.

Earlier this month, Platanito accused actor Marcos Valdés of sexually harassing him during a “friendly” chat on Facebook.

“We started to have small talk, and it was very weird since the beginning. I didn’t understand what he was saying. Then things started to get racy and it all ended in grossness, anger, madness and disgust,” he wrote in a post. “He sent me photos of his surgically fixed behind, which I found disgusting, and he explained his sexual preferences to me and his tastes, which I don’t really care for.”