Marc Anthony is the owner of Miami's first E1 team
Magnus Media/Latin Times

MIAMI — Marc Anthony, a titan in the music industry and a familiar face in sports ownership, has taken a bold leap into the world of competitive nautical sports by announcing his new venture, E1 Team Miami, which will take part in international electric boat competitions.

Scheduled to debut on February 2–3, 2024, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, E1 Team Miami is set to compete against other celebrity-owned teams in the UIM E1 World Championship. This aligns Anthony with global icons such as Tom Brady and Rafael Nadal, marking a significant entry into the world of nautical sports.

Marc Anthony and Miami's waters

Beyond the thrill of races, E1's commitment to sustainable marine practices echoes Anthony's dedication to preserving Miami's waters. With over 10 teams competing for the inaugural title, E1 is pioneering a new era where racing meets climatic responsibility.

Anthony's company, Magnus, will also host the E1 Championship in the United States during its second season. Miami is poised to become a dazzling venue for E1, complete with the famous Fan Village and Acceleration Festival, as well as a star-studded concert.

E1's commitment to diversity is evident in its regulation that each team must select a gender-diverse lineup of pilots. This approach ensures equal opportunities in the sport, reflecting a progressive stance in competitive racing.

Marc Anthony: Blending Passion with Purpose

Anthony's fascination with nautical life and his vision for E1 reflect his broader commitment to sustainability and excellence. "Water is the essence of life," Anthony stated in a press release. He emphatized the need to value our water resources in an era of environmental challenges.

Rodi Basso, CEO of E1, expressed excitement about Anthony joining E1's roster of global icons, while Alejandro Agag, E1's president, highlighted Miami as the perfect U.S. debut venue. Felipe Pimiento of Magnus also emphasized the significance of this partnership in expanding their footprint in the sports world.

A New Chapter in Nautical Sports

E1 is the first and only all-electric racing boat world championship approved by the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM), which is the international governing body for all power boating activities. The UIM E1 World Championship "was established to create an exciting and competitive new on-the-water racing platform based on electric technologies to protect and restore our urban waters and coastal areas," the organizers explained.

The championship will feature up to 10 teams and 20 coed riders competing on the water in iconic cities around the world. The United States will be able to witness a race in the second season. E1 drivers will navigate tight, technical courses behind the wheel of E1 electric racing boats.

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