Marco Borges
Cuban-American Marco Borges is a celebrity trainer who lives in Miami. Courtesy

World renowned exercise psychologist and celebrity trainer, Marco Borges, has the mission to help people obtain a healthier lifestyle. That's why he's launched "The 22-Day Revolution" book, a plant-based program that will transform your body, reset your habits and change your life.

Borges is a Cuban-American who resides in Miami, Fla. For over 20 years, he's helped individuals make a healthy transformation through his exercise and nutrition programs. One of those individuals was Beyoncé, who together with Borges launched a vegan meal delivery service called "22 Days Nutrition Service." The songstress has even credited her post-pregnancy weight loss to going vegan for 22 days.

Her health secrets and more are now unveiled in Borges new book. "I want to help people that have their minds open and truly want to change, want to get healthy and want to take control of their health. That's where I find happiness, being able to help people with the tool to success," he told Latin Times.

The book includes over 65 healthy and delicious vegan recipes. "Plant-based nutrition is great for reducing cardiovascular diseas, diabetes and cancer," he said on one of the purposes of releasing the book. "What we're doing here is creating a habit over the course of 21 days, so on the 22nd day, you have a healthier habit formed. That way you're armed with the tools to make it a healthy life, that's what makes it such a revolutionary program."

Those who try out and stick to Borges' plant-based program will have the opportunity to drop 22 lbs in 22 days --as it's stated on the book's cover. However, the Miami-based trainer noted that "results always vary."

"It's something that's so powerful that when you adopt a program and start eating cleaner and healthier foods, you start to see the results immediately," he emphasized, giving the example that one of his clients dropped 22 lbs in 22 days and a total of 70 lbs in less than four months.

"Health is the number one area of our lives where we have the most autonomy and we practice the least of it. This book will give you the opportunity to take control of your health," Borges told Latin Times.

"The 22-Day Revolution" is available in both Spanish and English in and Barnes & Nobles.

Marco Borges
Celebrity trainer launches "The 22 Day Revolution" to encourage people to embark a healthy lifestyle. Courtesy

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