@angelortizysumariachi Tik Tok video
@angelortizysumariachi Tik Tok video Tik Tok

It is Mother's Day in Mexico, and many Hispanics are thanking their mother's this year in a very "untraditional" way.

Forget the roses, dinners, and photos, how does a personal written song in Mariachi style sound?

That is what Hispanic Tik Tok user,@Angel Ortiz y su Mariachi did to show his appreciation towards his mom.

The viral Tik Tok video gained over 260.2k views and all comments supporting this unusual Mother's Day gift.


feliz #diadelasmadres a las madrecitas de la vieja escuela 🥹 #mothersday #festejo #mariachi #serenata letra de @LᴏsTʀᴇsTʀɪsᴛᴇsTɪɢʀᴇs 🫠

♬ sonido original - Angel Ortiz y su Mariachi

"I'm literally 21 and my hands are shaking to send this to my mom 🤣💀" a user commented.

"I sent it without hearing the whole thing😭 she going to smack me for the enojada y the chismosa part😭" another user commented.

"i'm sending this to my mom since i live on the other side of the world" one person commented.

It is safe to say that some Mexican moms are considered crazy and scary, and well maybe a little bit of chismosas! What do you think?

Happy Mother's Day to all the hardworking Mexican mothers out there!

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