Earlier today, Universal Studios Hollywood revealed “A New Way To Play” - with the announcement and opening date of the exciting Super Nintendo World. SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™ takes you into the world of Super Mario™. Battle Team Bowser on the groundbreaking Mario Kart™ ride. Play interactive games throughout the land and track your score with a Power-Up Band™. Dine at Toadstool Cafe™, meet Mario and friends, and purchase exclusive merch at the 1-UP Factory™ store. Super Nintendo World officially opens at Universal Studios Hollywood on Friday, February 17, 2023. The opening marks Super Nintendo World’s official arrival to the United States, as Universal Studios Japan got a version of the themed land in 2021.

The new and exciting immersive world will be located within a newly-expanded area of Universal Studios Hollywood in the lower section of the park, near the Transformers ride. Guests will enter Super Nintendo World via the iconic Warp Pipe. The Mario Kingdom will be an enormous interactive play land that will surely draw different generations of the fandom. There will be a “Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge” ride, as well as many interactive activities that are designed to engage the entire family within the captivating Mushroom Kingdom. There will also be themed dining at the Toadstool Cafe and shopping at the 1-UP Factory retail store. Fans will enter Peach’s Castle before venturing further into the Mushroom Kingdom. With purchase of a Power-Up Band — wearable, interactive wristbands — guests will be able to deepen their interactions as they explore the kingdom.

The features and attractions are to include:

Rides, landmarks, interactive gameplay, Bowser’s Castle, Toadstool Cafe, and The 1-UP Factory retail shop, full of memorabilia including a large selection of merchandise from Mario and Luigi themed apparel to iconic character hats, plush characters and toys including Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Bowser.

Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge: Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge: An all-new augmented reality ride with projection mapping technology. The ride will include actual set pieces along a moving ride track with colorful backdrops. Riders will be seated in 4-seat vehicles as they navigate Mario style courses with mounted AR goggles. It is designed for all ages as they compete for the Golden Cup and collect coins to defeat Team Bowser. It is said to have a variety of outcomes and be a repeatable ride.

Universal Studios Orlando will also get a Super Nintendo World. Universal and Illumination’s forthcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie debuts April 7, 2023.

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