Mario Lopez posted a selfie and video with Donald Trump on his Instagram account earlier this month, where he revealed that he was "catching up with the official GOP nominee for president." Not only was the TV host all smiles in his picture, but a video (which has been removed) showed Lopez and Trump talking in Spanish. "Aqui estoy con el señor Trump y estamos hablando de eleccion (Here I am with Mr. Trump and we are talking elections)," said Lopez. The business magnate then responded with: "Gracias Mario, gracias (Thank you Mario, thank you)." 

Following the posts that really upset many of his fans, "Extra TV" aired Lopez's interview with Trump. In the clip, Lopez made some hard-hitting questions about Hispanics, jobs and Hillary Clinton

“I’m Latino, happen to also be conservative, a child of Mexican immigrants, and when you initially announced, you did so where some people thought there was some harsh rhetoric, maybe disappointed some Hispanics," said the host to Trump, recalling the negative comments he made of undocumented Mexican immigrants. "How do you gain their support and trust?”

"I know all about your heritage and I respect it greatly," said Trump, assuring that his relationship with Hispanics is "fantastic." "I know so many of them buy apartments from me, they rent apartments from me and I have so many employees that are hispanic and they are incredible people," he added. 

Mario Lopez Mario Lopez snaps a selfie with presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Instagram/@MarioLopezExtra

Trump, who stated that he is starting to do very well with Hispanics, explained that he is getting a lot of support because he is the only candidate making promises about jobs in America.

"The way people are going to love me is because I'm going to produce jobs the way nobody has produced jobs," he said in the interview for Extra TV. "We're going to take jobs back from China and we're going to take them back from Mexico. Frankly, we're going to have tremendous jobs for Hispanics, for everybody," he noted. 

The GOP candidate also opened up about Clinton and how he plans to beat her in the elections. 

"I have to be who I am, and she's tough, she's proven to be tough. She certainly is resilient over the years doing this a long time," he noted before calling her and Bill Clinton "nasty" people. "The Clintons have really hurt a lot of people. They're very tough, they are very nasty, they play a very tough game," he said. Check out the complete interview below.