In “Mashle: Magic and Muscles” Chapter 4, Mash will start going to school in the prestigious Easton Magic Academy. It should be interesting how he would fare in that magic-focused institution as he doesn’t know how to wield magic power himself.

‘Mashle: Magic and Muscles’ Chapter 3 Recap

Previously, Mash Vandead and Lemon Irvine were able to get out of the labyrinth just in time. Instead of answering its riddles, Mash just punched the Sphinx barring their path and created some sort of shortcut by punching through the walls of the maze that were supposedly so strong to the point they’re even immune to the strongest of magic.

But the one running the entrance exams, Claude Lucci, was not pleased with the result. Showing a very elitist attitude, he told Mash and Lemon that they don’t belong to the prestigious Easton Magic Academy which, for him, is only for the elite.

“You two positively reek of commoner,” Lucci disdainfully told Mash and Lemon. “We don’t take in cheeky brats or paupers.” He then dared them to challenge his decision, as the Magus Cum Laude Professor of the academy.

But Mash simply rushed to Lucci and snapped his wand in half in a show of defiance. He then told Lucci that what he said was uncalled for.

It would have been interesting how things might have turned out if their conflict was allowed to escalate. However, a totally unexpected thing happened.

Headmaster Wahlberg suddenly appeared above them and demanded everyone to remain silent. He then took over the examination and even hinted his displeasure at Lucci’s conduct when he instructed him to later go to his office.

The headmaster immediately teleported Mash into a hall somewhere within the academy for the interview portion. The first question was why Mash choose the Easton and he honestly replied that he just wants to live in peace with his family.

The second question was why he saved Lemon in the maze even if he was running out of time. He simply answered that he would have regretted it if he didn’t save her.

The third question was what he would do if he faced a foe so powerful that he is hopelessly outmatched, someone, like the headmaster. Mash just answered that he’ll just knock his opponent out with his fist. Surprisingly, he passed even if his answers were not satisfactory to the others in the panel.

‘Mashle: Magic and Muscles’ Chapter 4 Speculations

Mash will finally start his schooling at the Easton Magic Academy in “Mashle: Magic and Muscles” Chapter 4. Naturally, most of the students there would resent the rather usual way he gained entry into the institution.

A lot of the students will likely look down on him due to his inability to use magic power. It would be reasonable to expect some of the students to actively find ways to make his stay problematic for Mash.

However, there will also be a few students who will sympathize with Mash. Most of these students will belong to the lowest layers in terms of social status within the school. They’ll come to realize just how physically powerful Mash is and might eventually consider him as their leader of sorts.

“Mashle: Magic and Muscles” Chapter 4 will be released on February 17. Stay tuned for more updates.

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