An Alabama family was returning home after getting their two daughters ice cream Saturday, Sept.25 night, when two people in ski masks opened fire at their vehicle.

Emily Turner said their joyful family outing was interrupted when another car pulled up next to them and began firing.

Turner said they were turning left onto Cottage Hill from Azalea when the two masked men attacked them without a warning.

"We were just attacked," said Turner, the WFLA reported.

Turner said she heard almost 20 rounds fired but 11 bullets hit their car.

The terrified mother said two of those bullets struck the back passenger door, where her nine-year-old daughter was sitting. Miraculously, she survived the incident without any injuries.

Turner said two bullets hit her husband, Shayne, one in the knee and the other near his ribs.

"He just started screaming he had gotten shot," she said.

Shayne is still in the hospital, and doing better, but is a long way from recovery, Turner said.

"I mean he lost a kidney, he lost a spleen," Turner said.

"He’s a Type 1 diabetic, so losing a kidney is a pretty big deal for them. He also has some liver damage."

"They’re not going to be able to get the bullet out. It’s near his spine."

Turner said it took a while for them to process the situation as their car was being shot at. She said she didn’t get a good look at the suspect’s vehicle but saw them as they were driving off.

"I looked up, and they’re still in front of us. There’s two people one in the passenger, one in the rear passenger and they’re hanging out with ski masks of the car shooting the front of our car. I felt some glass on my arms and I told the girls to get down, but and then they sped off," she said.

Turner said her family was protected Saturday night.

"His mom recently died from brain cancer this year, and she was definitely there with us and my grandma was because I mean, there’s no reason he should not have been killed," said Turner.

She said she has no idea why they were attacked.

"Obviously whoever did this – they had a reason for it, but I know whatever the reason was, it had nothing to do with my family. So, whatever it was, they either got the wrong people or they didn’t care who they got," said Turner.

The mother of two says she wants those responsible to be identified and put behind bars.

"I hope these people can be captured, I hope that they get off the streets, and I hope that my babies are young enough to where it doesn’t affect them later," Turner explained.

She is urging anyone who was at the intersection of Cottage Hill and Azalea on Saturday night who may have seen or heard anything to come forward and report to authorities.

Mobile Police are investigating the shooting.

Police officers and rescue workers gather outside a house where a person was trapped in a flooded basement in Queens, New York Representational image. Getty Images | ED JONES/AFP