Carmen Miranda
Carmen Miranda is declared the winner of Masterchef Mexico's latest season. Facebook

The British royal family will get to taste more Latin dishes and cuisines soon. Earlier this week, it was reported that “Masterchef Mexico” winner Carmen Miranda would head to Buckingham Palace to cook for Queen Elizabeth II and her family after she was invited by another “Masterchef” winner, Fernando Estobel.

Earlier this month, Carmen Miranda got the invitation from Estobel to cook for Queen Elizabeth’s team at the Queen’s kitchen in Buckingham. When Miranda confirmed the news this week, she said they have yet to finalize the details of her upcoming stint. However, she revealed that she would still have to learn the ropes of cooking in Queen Elizabeth’s kitchen before she gets to be an official part of the team.

After her training, Miranda will stay in Buckingham for two months to cook for events at the Palace under the command of Head Chef Mark Flanagan, who has been at the helm of Buckingham’s kitchen for many years. “It’s two months, I don’t have much information over how the kitchen really works, but they are asking for a training period,” shared Miranda.

Details of Miranda’s activities in Buckingham are still under wraps, but it is expected to be quite an amazing learning experience for the Mexican chef. Early reports say that during her stint, Miranda will cook for events like state dinners and private family dinners, which are usually attended by Queen Elizabeth, her children, the Fab Four, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and their children.

“Masterchef Mexico” is a television program that seeks the best amateur chef in Mexico. Miranda, who has forged her cooking career from the street to the restaurants, won the most recent edition of the cooking show. Today, she is widely known in Mexico as “La Tamalera” because of her talent in the creation of this World-famous Mexican dish.

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