Matching PJs For Christmas: 5 Family Sleep Sets That Are Super Adorable [PHOTOS]

Holiday Sleep Sets
Matching pajamas to open gifts during Christmas with your whole family is an adorable and fun tradition. Find here five styles from Target that are not only affordable, but super cute! Photo: Courtesy

Matching family pajamas is becoming a holiday tradition and growing trend you didn’t know you were missing. Evenings by the fireplace, hot cocoa-filled mornings and family movie nights are the moments that quickly become cherished memories.

From the baby of the family through adult sizing, including matching sets for furry friends and favorite dolls, Target offers a collection with classic plaids, elf pajamas, holiday-inspired Star Wars print, and over a dozen more options to choose from.

Find below the new collection!

  • Reindeer Fair Isle Family Pajamas Collection, Wondershop

“I've always loved Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer so when I saw they had a reindeer pajama collection for the whole family I couldn't resist,” Inger Mendoza, singer Nacho's wife said. “I find everything I need for the holidays at Target, including gifts for the whole family, food, decorations and even our outfits...all in one place! It doesn’t get better than that.”

Los Mendoza Reindeer Fair Isle Family Pajamas Collection, Wondershop Photo: Target

  • Elf Family Pajama Collection, Wondershop

Coury Combs Elf Family Pajama Collection, Wondershop Photo: Target

“I’ve never really done super fun family Christmas pajamas, so I wanted to go all out and be elves together. Can’t get much more fun than that,” Coury Combs of “Fancy Tree House” said. “We’ll definitely be snuggling, eating pizza, drinking cocoa and watching Christmas movies together in these pajamas on chilly December nights.”

  • Nite Nite Munki Munki Santa Family Pajama Collection

Glam Dapper Nite Nite Munki Munki Santa Family Pajama Collection Photo: Target

“We choose the Nite Nite Munki Munki Santa Family Pajama Collection because it reflects the holiday season perfectly! It’s such a fun option that my entire family enjoys,” Rosanna Javier of “Glam Dapper”said. Her husband, Winston Javier agreed: “We’re excited to show these off to our friends and family on Christmas morning!”

  • Holiday Plaid Family Pajamas Collection, Wondershop

Olivia Jeanette Holiday Plaid Family Pajamas Collection, Wondershop Photo: Target

“We are big fans of red plaid for the holidays and these pajamas just fit us perfectly,” said blogger Olivia Jeanette. “You're going to see us in these on the weekends and, more importantly, on Christmas morning. I can't wait to wake up, put on our PJs, see if Santa ate his milk and cookies and open presents—going to make for great photos!”

  • Elf Family Pajamas Collection, Wondershop

The Prince The P Elf Family Pajamas Collection, Wondershop Phto: Target

“Every year in the first week of December, we take the kids to go pick out a Christmas ornament and get Christmas jammies (which we already have now!). We have a family tradition of wearing our holiday pajamas for the entire month of December. They make for excellent photos while roasting marshmallows, baking cookies, wrapping gifts, etc.,” Shay Jiles of “The Prince and the P”said.


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