Matt Hardy will try to keep his head afloat All-Elite Wrestling on an available storyline for now. But in the heart of the 48-year-old wrestler/ entertainer, the dream is to go out with his brother Jeff Hardy.

The Hardy Boyz had a huge impact when the duo joined AEW earlier this year. However, seeing the famed duo perform in the promotion did not happen, mainly due to the troubles that Jeff Hardy found himself in.

The 45-year-old wrestler was arrested for DUI, resulting in his indefinite suspension on AEW. This left Matt Hardy in a predicament with the veteran entertainer forced to be in a different storyline.

Despite the setback, the native of North Carolina has not given up on the possibility of being part of a storyline with his brother, et al The Hardy Boyz.

"Yes, I would like to go out as The Hardy Boyz. That's kinda how we came in, and I think we would like to go out on that note," Matt recently told Inside The Ropes.

"We would like to do everything that we can in AEW together, obviously. It was really interesting for me. Once again, very frustrating, starting in COVID was frustrating. Once Jeff and I started to really started to get our feet underneath us as the Hardy Boyz, things happened, which was very frustrating. I was just kind of lost at that time, so I kinda pitched a thing to reunite and reconcile with Private Party, and that's currently what we've been doing,” the decorated wrestler added.

There is no telling when wrestling fans can see The Hardy Boyz back in action. Matt has not given up and says that it is his goal to eventually go out but as a duo – the same way that he and Jeff Hardy entered the business.

"I definitely want to have a great run here in AEW with Jeff, and that is my goal. Whenever that happens, it happens,” Matt Hardy quipped.

WWE superstar Jeff Hardy
WWE superstar Jeff Hardy Getty Images | Chris Ryan/Corbis

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