McDonald's Late Night? Fast Food Chain Testing New Midnight Breakfast, Lunch Menu

McDonalds set to launch late-night menu featuring breakfast and lunch options from midnight to 4 a.m. Creative Commons

It's a drunk college kid's dream come true. No, McDonald's won't be launching a delivery service, but it will be testing out a new midnight-and-later menu boasting breakfast and lunch sandwiches for those who find themselves hanging about past their bedtimes.

It appears McDonald's is going after a newly sought after demographic, the night owls, in its new promotion. The menu is expected to be implemented at its 24-hour locations in select areas of the U.S. before rolling out nationwide, the Los Angeles Times reported. The menu will be a hodgepodge of breakfast and dinner options, including select McCafe drinks and desserts as well as a side of either french fries or a hash brown.

The menu will be available from midnight to 4 a.m. McDonald's said in a statement that the push to launch this menu comes from the necessity for customer convenience at all hours of the day or night. Scott Hume of, a website detailing new changes, products and offers at fast food restaurants noted for selling hamburgers, said of the menu that its eclectic mix of products is what will be the selling point for the burger chain, the Daily Mail reported.

"At 2am, some people think that now it's midnight and some people say now it's morning," Hume said. "So McDonald's After Midnight menu is a hybrid so that everybody's happy."

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McDonald's has previously tried to find a way to serve up breakfast and lunch together, but the griddle system it currently employs cannot accommodate cooking eggs and burgers at the same time. It is only able to do so late at night. The success of the menu, targeted mostly at the 18 to 30 age group, could help boost sales, something McDonald's has struggled with in recent months. Hume said this could be a ticket for higher profits for the company.

"Everybody wants what they want, when they want it. And obviously every business would love to accommodate because they want to get a hold of every dollar they can," he said.

Breakfast food sales are the only ones in the industry that went up in the first quarter of the year, being boosted by around 2 percent. Lunch and evening sales slumped 1 and 2 percent respectively. The late-night meal time has been largely unexplored by most fast food chains with the exception of Taco Bell, which has a "Fourth Meal" menu that's been in place for years.

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