Ana Torroja, former lead singer of the Spanish pop band Mecano, is bringing her expertise to “this side of the pond” to guide the aspiring singers in “Me Pongo de Pie,” Univision’s most recent talent show. Torroja, who is returning to the country/continent that watched her grow, has taken her comeback as the perfect opportunity to release her new album.

“Conexión is a musical autobiography, it’s a trip or a travel, throughout different moments in my career, starting with Mecano, and following with my solo career, I also projected it into the future by adding 4 new songs.” Were the words Ana used to describe her sixth solo album, which she is promoting in México at the moment, and which includes duets with amazing and talented artists such as, Aleks Syntek, Miguel Bosé, Leonel García, Ximena Sariñana, Carla Morrison, Paty Cantú and Sasha, Benny and Erik.

The singer also talked about her desire to participate in new projects to keep expanding her career: she would like to release a jazz album influenced by Canadian performer Diane Krall, she would love to collaborate in duets with her recent colleagues Espinoza Paz and Christian Castro, and other performers including Shakira, and Ricky Martin, “we asked him to a part of this new album but he was working on his, so we couldn’t do it this time,” said Torroja. However, she shared that during “Me Pongo de Pie,” all three judges often have creative flirts, “We are always flirting musically, we talk about doing a duo, or a threesome.”

When she was asked about a possible Mecano reunion, the singer said, “I think that would be complicated, I think that ship has sailed. I think everything has been a phase, and that’s what makes it worth it. Every time I release an album, everyone says something about a possible Mecano reunion, but there’s none.”