Born and raised in Mexico City, Pablo Cruz has known he wanted to be an actor since he was 8 years old. He charmed audiences with his breakthrough role on “El Sexo Débil” as Bruno Camacho, and has also done a lot of theatre since then.  Lucky for us, Cruz landed a major role in Televisa’s version of the Spanish series “Gran Hotel,” titled “El Hotel de los Secretos,” where he plays the rebellious black sheep of the family, Felipe Alarcón.

We talked to Cruz exclusively and gathered the top 10 things to know about the handsome actor. Check them out:

  1. Following his brother’s footsteps: Pablo attempted to be a good student just like his older sibling; he even got into the same Catholic high school where he was kicked out from, and after living the bohemian life in Paris for a few months he joined one of Mexico’s most prestigious universities, ITAM (Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México). After a year of studying Administration, he left to pursue his acting career.
  2. Studying in Mexico: While Pablo was looking to go to the U.S. to study acting, he found that he couldn’t afford it and decided to study at Televisa’s gratuitous school CEA instead, as well as in Casa Azul.
  3. First job: After three or four auditions, he landed a role in what became his first professional project; a movie called “El Estudiante.”
  4. Feeling lucky: Pablo says that out of 60 acting students in his class, probably 28 graduated and maybe only 10 are actually active in the business. “I consider myself extremely lucky that every year, I’ve been able to land at least one role in a movie, one in a play and one in a TV series,” he said.
  5. Actors he most admires: He says it’s really hard to choose and he’s gone through phases, but one of the ones he most admires is the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, as well as Sam Rockwell, not only because of his acting skills, but because of the projects he's chosen. Some others also include Sean Penn, and Matt Damon, who Pablo thinks, seems like a “well-rounded guy.”
  6. What bothers him on set: People who are unprofessional. Nothing turns the actor off quite like people who show up and don’t know what they’re doing.
  7. Social cause he'd devote to: Education. When asked what he would devote his time, money and energy if he were an activist or politician, Pablo didn’t hesitate to say education. “I believe the biggest weakness in this country is the lack of education. If we had a better educational system, we would not have a government like the one we currently have.”
  8. Dream role: Pablo says every role is partly a dream role since they all contribute to whom he's become as an actor. However, there’s a novel by Michel Houellebecq titled “Platform” which has a character he would love to play. "He’s socially dysfunctional and incredibly awkward. I'd also love to play someone like Hannibal."
  9. On Hollywood: Pablo would love to land in Hollywood at some point, but strongly believes there are many steps he has to take before that.
  10. What’s next: He just had to cancel a play he was going to act in because of schedule conflicts with the filming of “El Hotel de los Secretos,” but, we might see him soon in a couple of TV shows which he’s auditioned for. Also, he might return to do his play “Love Song,” which he owns the rights to, and previously produced and starred in with Cecilia Suarez and Karla Souza.

Like we said, keep an eye on Pablo, because here at Latin Times we think he’s about to become the next big thing!