Founders VIRTU
Dominican entrepreneur Jason Grullón and French-German entrepreneur Guillaume Vaslin (Founders of VIRTŪ). VIRTŪ

Many people around the world take for granted the ugly truth behind the fashion industry and the unethical treatment some employers face while creating beautiful garments for runways; that's why Dominican entrepreneur Jason Grullón along with business innovator Guillaume Vaslin-Reimann are putting on the table a new idea to change the market with VIRTŪ, an ethical fashion social business model for sustainable clothing. "The current situation is that people don't have access to good, high quality, ethical products at a fair price," both founders said, "the system has to change in a way that we are both profitable as companies by committing and providing a social good."

Jason and Guillaume explained that their main goal is to bring a sustainable development to impoverished communities in the Global South. The project invites millennials to create an environmental change and impact the industry with their Kickstarter campaign of "The Perfect Shirt," in order to obtain the necessary funds to scale the production and be able to sustainably install the manufacture site in Guachupita, Dominican Republic, an impoverished community in Santo Domingo known for its lack of opportunities.

Check out their powerful video below and learn how they're revolutionizing the way in which the market has been operating for the last 15 years.

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