Princess Diana’s former private secretary, Patrick Jephson, recently, made headlines after criticizing Meghan Markle. In an interview, Jephson painted the Duchess of Sussex as the root of all the current problems of the Buckingham Palace, saying that her relationship with Prince Harry is part of the Duke’s determination to “go anti-establishment.”

Meghan admitted, in her recent explosive interview, that she has been struggling since marrying into the royal family. While the Palace has never confirmed any of the rumored rifts involving Meghan and the other members of the royal family, speculations are rife that the royal house is indeed currently divided because of Meghan.

In a recent statement, Jephson argued that Meghan Markle should “do less” as a royal because she is just the wife of the sixth in line to the throne, Prince Harry. “That means that she is constitutionally irrelevant,” he said.

Jephson also said that, since Meghan has never been an ordinary British person, she should focus on figuring out what it feels like to be British. He also lambasted the Duchess for taking advantage of her extraordinary influence and high profile as a former Hollywood star in taking on her royal duties.

According to royal follower Carol Robin, Jephson’s remark was an insult to both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. “Meghan does not even have that many charities under her belt anyway so the statement of her doing less makes no sense,” she said.

Robin added that, if Jephson and Meghan’s haters are bothered with the fact that the Duchess of Sussex is more visible than any royal out there, then, the media should focus more on Prince William and Kate Middleton and stop hounding Prince Harry and Meghan for nonsense.

Another royal follower noted that while the term “irrelevant” is a low blow, Jephson’s remark did not seem to mean to intend Meghan. According to him, Princess Diana’s private secretary only meant that Prince Harry and Meghan have no bearing in the future of the monarchy and that the positions held by the late Princess Diana and Meghan are constitutionally worlds apart.

“He’s stating a fact,” he said. “I don’t believe he is being deliberately offensive to the Duchess,” he added.

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