Prince Harry has often been described a “changed man” after falling hard for Meghan Markle, but a morning show host warns that it is actually Markle who has stepped into a “snake pit” by marrying the prince.

The Duchess of Sussex received a warning from Richard Madeley during a Good Morning Britain hosting as he discussed the royal family with political analyst Nigel Farage.

Farage expressed his criticism that Markle has made Prince Harry less famous but Madeley argued that it is Markle who got the worse end of the deal.

“Personally, I feel a bit sorry for Meghan I think she’s stepped into a snake pit. Diana stepped into a snake pit,” he said.

Princess Diana, ex-wife of the first-in-line to the throne Prince Charles, went through a rough time with the royal family during her split with husband and faced a fatal accident while being chased by paparazzi.

“I think she’s going to have to learn pretty sharpish how to play the odds down there because it’s a rough old world in the Royal Family when you’re that high profile,” said Madeley.

Farage described Prince Harry’s image as a “young, brave, all-male” and trouble-making royal from a younger generation, an image that he has since let go after marrying Markle.

On the other hand, Markle had sacrificed more than a popular image. In marrying Prince Harry, she had sacrificed a life in America, an acting career including a role from the popular show “Suits,” and the right to speak out on political issues as a well-known feminist and activist at a young age.

Currently, the former actress has faced criticism as a royal on various matters including guest-editing the British Vogue September issue, gaining post-baby weight after the birth of their firstborn Archie and reportedly sticking to her American ways.

Markle’s marriage into the royal family is compared to Princess Diana’s experience. Her private secretary for eight years told “The Royal Box” how the Princess of Wales felt alienated from the royal circle especially after her divorce.

“Both from her own childhood and from her experience of marriage, she felt that she was an outsider, that she had been excluded,” he said.

Queen Elizabeth, however, reportedly made unusual efforts in welcoming Markle to the family including inviting the Duchess to a royal train overnight trip, an offer that Prince Harry nor Kate Middleton is yet to receive.

Meghan Markle Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is pictured during her visit to Smart Works on January 10, 2019, in London, United Kingdom. Clodagh Kilcoyne - WPA Pool/Getty Images