Insiders who have worked for the White House since Donald Trump became president claim that Melania Trump has been receiving awful support from the staffer she trusts most, Stephanie Grisham.

According to White House insiders, the 44-year-old single mother is the least visible and most combative representative of any U.S. First Lady in history. Since taking on the role of Melania Trump’s representative, she has rarely responded to questions or requests for interviews or photoshoots, making Melania the only First Lady with no appearance on any magazine cover.

In her book “Free Melania,” CNN’s Kate Bennett suggested that Grisham has also kept Melania isolated from her friends and the media, as well as alienated potential allies through her weirdly antagonistic approach. Bennett claimed that Grisham played a role in the alienation of national security adviser John Bolton from Donald Trump when she argued with Bolton’s deputy Mira Ricardel over a plane seat during Melania’s first solo trip to Africa.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Melania’s former senior adviser, also claimed in her book “The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady” that it was Girsham’s scheme to alienate her from Melania. Wolkoff, who used to be a good friend of the First Lady, blamed Grisham’s “toxic power games” for her fallout with Melania, saying the former White House communications director had sought to install herself as Melania’s best confidante.

Despite that, Stephanie Grisham has shunned countless opportunities to boost the Trump family brand. “She was a press secretary who never talked to the press,” said a former colleague of Grisham. “She finagled her way into the job, but she didn’t serve the press very well and the president was vastly underserved,” the source added.

Grisham served as the 30th White House press secretary but returned to Melania Trump’s office after Donald Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows had moved her out of her White House press role in April. Sources from the White House revealed that Grisham has clocked in fewer than 30 times since assuming her new role. However, Stephanie Grisham denied having moved out of Washington, D.C., saying she has only been at the office much less due to the pandemic.

“That is because the East Wing has been largely telecommuting for the past seven months because of COVID,” she said.

Melania Trump Melania Trump, wife of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, speaks to supporters during a campaign event November 3, 2016 in Berwyn, Pennsylvania Getty Images