Melissa Barrera is back as Hollywood Scream Queen
Courtesy Melissa Barrera

Many thought that Melissa Barrera had killed her Hollywood career after she was fired from the popular 'Scream' film franchise. The Mexican actress was dismissed due to her social media posts criticizing Israel and the United States actions in Gaza.

The decision of SpyGlass, the studio behind the iconic horror movies, gave her pause. It wasn't for long, though. In an interview with The Latin Times during a visit to Miami to promote her lastest project the horror movie 'Abigail', Barrera said she bounced back as soon as she felt the support of both her colleagues and many in the general public.

Six months later, she has left the ugliness in the past. "It's not worth dwelling on something that's already passed."

There is a lot of love for Melissa Barrera

While SpyGlass decision was sudden and shocking, Barrera has received mostly positive feedback. She is aware of the opinions about her on social media, but they don't drive her.

"I try not to look so much at what is online. People send me things, but I prefer to focus more on the support I receive from people in real life, which has been incredible. So much, that I feel like I have an army behind me. So I am very much at peace," she said.

The fact that her schedule is full for the next couple of years must also help, not to mention how she has been embraced by a large part of the artist community in the U.S. and around the world. Among those supporting her are 'Scream V' and 'Scream VI' writers and directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, who casted her in a starring role in their new movie 'Abigail'.

"We love her. We would work forever with her," said Bettinelli-Olpin, who is executive producing 'Scream VII,' which was supposed to be headlined by Barrera. Obviously, the firing wasn't his decision.

Melissa Barrera and Abigail movie directors
Courtesy Universal Pictures

"I would never impose on them," said Barrera when we mentioned their words to her. "I am just lucky to be able to work with my friends whenever possible. They are my family forever."

Abigail: A New Twist on Vampirism

Barrera is starring now in 'Abigail', a film that blends traditional terror and supernatural elements with a unique take on vampirism. There is no doubt that she is reclaiming her role as Hollywood's 'Scream Queen.'

The story centers on a group of criminals hired to kidnap a millionaire's daughter, only to discover her terrifying secret—she is a ruthless vampire. Barrera plays an Army veteran medic, who, along with her cohorts, unravels the mystery surrounding their target. The film, which opens today, offers a thrilling mix of innocence and depravity, playing with traditional vampire lore in innovative ways.

The real name of her character is Ana Lucía Cruz, a homage both to her Mexican roots and the tool that traditionally kills vampires. She is known during most of the movie as Joey.

"I'm very proud to play a Latina character who has the chance to develop in a movie like this. It's a character that builds throughout the story. She is the most powerful figure in the narrative, I feel, and she is the heart of it," said Melissa Barrera about her role in 'Abigail'.

The Mexican artist features in Abigail alongside Alisha Weir, Dan Stevens, Giancarlo Esposito and Kathryn Newton.

Personal Growth and Future Aspirations

Off-screen, Barrera's life is enriched by strong personal relationships and a supportive network that includes family, friends, and colleagues. The former contestant to the 2011 season of Mexican reality TV show 'La Academia' is married to musician and singer Paco Zuleta, whom she met in that show.

Her upcoming projects include 'The Collaboration', featuring alongside Paul Bettany and Jeremy Pope, and 'God's Country', both of which highlight her versatility and commitment to her craft. Additionally, Barrera is exploring her musical talents and stepping into a producer role, expanding her influence in the industry.

"I wanna produce, I wanna direct so there's so much that I can busy myself with," she said. Melissa Barrera. She enjoys her roles in horror movies and feels "grateful" to them, but she is ready for much more.

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