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Memorial Day 2014 is set to have a ton of great bargains, find out what to buy and what to avoid.

Memorial Day is a time when family and friends gather to honor the fallen soldiers who bravely served in the United States Armed Forces, but like most holidays our celebrations normally include beer, food and bargains. Like Memorial Day barbeques, Memorial Day bargains have become a part of the holiday’s tradition. However, there is a specific system to follow for MDW sales, because while there are great deals to be had, there are also some sales to avoid. Check out Latin Times go-to guide on what to buy on Memorial Day 2014 and how to get the best bargains!

Despite misleading advertisements, Memorial Day 2014 is not the best time to buy everything, especially seasonal items. Most people are having outdoor parties and BBQ’s, which means that outdoor furniture prices and grill prices are at an all-time high. Outdoor goods will be summer’s big-ticket items, so with MDW serving as the start of summer, they will be far from their best prices regardless of what advertising says. If you are really in need of a grill, try to wait until June or July to buy, as for patio furniture, those prices won’t drop until August.

Even though the outdoor home good are not at their best prices, there are some summer essentials experiencing a price slash. If are in the market for a new tool or even kitchen appliance, then head out because there are a ton of bargains to be had. Lowes and Home Depot have marked down tool brands by 50%, in addition Sears has home appliances markdowns up to 30%.

More items to buy on Memorial Day are electronics. Like most holidays, TV’s, laptops, smartphones and cameras get a big discount. But Memorial Day shares the sale season with Father’s Day, and graduation time, meaning that these electronic sales are set to dominate the deals. Macy’s, Target, and Best Buy are the electronic retailers that are offering the best deals this weekend.

While laptops, TV’s, cameras and smartphones will be on sale, the best bargains this coming weekend will be the clothing department. Women’s, men’s and kids’ summer fashions will all be going on sale on Friday and staying on sale throughout Monday. This will be the best time to get discounts on jeans, shoes, sneakers, swimwear, and of course additional discount on left over winter and spring wear.

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