Memorial Day Weekend 2017: 6 Best Beers To Buy And Why!

How are you celebrating Memorial Day this year? Hopefully you are enjoying a nice, relaxing BBQ with friends, family and of course your favorite beer! Here are a few we definitely recommend.
A modern spin on the classic "Light Dinner Ale" these refreshing beer packs a flavorful taste without being too heavy. This golden beer has a crisp bitterness paired with a citrus aroma, the prefect combination for a summer
Harpoon Summer Beer is more of a lager compared to the Brooklyn Summer Ale, but it still manages to be light and refreshing. The taste is described as crisp and bitter with a hint of lemon. Harpoon Summer is a twist on a German Kölsch-style ale that possesses a soft and delicate body.
While it is not a beer, this is probably my favorite drink on the list. With the addition of the elderflower in this apple based cider, things start to get tropical and fruity. The full bodied taste provides hints of pear, citrus and lychee fruits! Angry Orchard Elderflower is a perfect balance between crisp apples and sweet flowers, making this perfect drink to sip on during a hot and sunny afternoon.
A classic summer time beer but a reliable one. This beer is as golden as summer sun and smells nearly as sweet as summer days. Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheat is true to its name with hints of honey, clover and malt in its well-balanced taste. A little heavier than the other beers on this list, it provides a light honey finish with a citrus
Released seasonally from March to May, the Aprihop is an American IPA certainly worth trying. Brewed with Pilsner and Crystal malts, this beer is deliciously hoppy, complemented by a flavorful addition of apricots. The flavor possesses a certain bitterness that is found in traditional IPA’s, however with Aprihop, fruity undertones from the apricots and malt sweetness, make sit a full bodied treat. IN addition to be perfectly thirst quenching, Dogfish Head Aprihop is perfect when paired with Mexican dishes and barbeque foods!Beer Street Journal
Another full-bodied beer for our beer lovers. Brewed with orange, lemon, lime and mixed spices, this beer is an explosion of citrus flavors for your taste buds! A smooth and refreshing finish, Shock Top is prefect when paired with an orange slice!