Mexico’s Attorney General, Jesus Murillo Karam, confirmed that authorities are now certain that the 43 students who went missing in Guerrero, Mexico, are dead. Backed by photos, videos, and declarations by Felipe Rodríguez Salgado (aka ‘el Cepillo’), Murillo Karam confirmed the criminal group Guerreros Unidos took the students to a dump in Cocula, killed them, cremated their bodies and threw their remains in the San Juan river. The information was revealed one day after it was four months since the tragic September 26 incident.

“The declarations provided by witnesses, were also confirmed by the material elements, scientific results, experts’ tests, testimonies, confessions and numbers you will hear right now, will clarify the dimension and depth of the investigation, giving us the possibility and certainty that the ‘normalistas’ (student teachers) were killed under the described circumstances,” said Murillo Karam. “From the police officers to the aggressors, we have 39 confessions; 487 expert tests, 386 declarations, 153 ministerial inspections, all of them linked and consistent which confirm the facts pointed out here,” he continued.

“This and many other elements brought in during the investigation allowed us to a logical-causal analysis, and no doubt concluded that the ‘normalistas’ (student teachers) were deprived from freedom before their lives were taken, their bodies cremated and their remains thrown into the San Juan river in that specific order; that’s the true story of the facts, based on the proof revealed by science,” concluded Karam.