Wendy Guevara emergency hospitalization
Courtesy Wendy Guevara

MIAMI - Mexican transgender influencer Wendy Guevara, the beloved winner of "La Casa de los Famosos México," sent shockwaves through her fanbase by sharing a series of distressing videos from the hospital in the Mexican city of León, in the state of Guanajuato.

In the posts, Wendy, who has over 4 million followers on Instagram and 2.5 million on TikTok, revealed she was facing an emergency operation due to severe abdominal pain that pointed to a potentially life-threatening condition.

Then, her family asked for prayers for her health, sending her fans into a frenzy of worry.

What happened to Wendy Guevara

"We are still here, let me tell you. I have a stone in the billiar conducts that connects the gallblather that wants to migrate to the pancreas. My doctor asked me, 'how can you withstand so much pain?'," Guevara explained in her Instagram stories."The doctor told me that they are going to perform a laparoscopy on me because if that stone moves to my pancreas, it could cause pancreatitis, which is very serious. We will see if they can operate on me here, or if not, I will have to be taken to another hospital."

Wendy Guevara pancreatitis hospital
Courtesy Wendy Guevara

The severity of the situation became even more evident when Wendy's parents, Francisco Guevara and Fabiola Venegas, shared an emotional video asking for prayers for their daughter. "A prayer for Wendy, as she is currently in surgery. We are truly very, very worried, extremely worried. You know that prayer is very powerful, and when we ask God for good things, He listens to us. So please, pray that everything goes well," they pleaded.

The videos quickly went viral, especially on TikTok, where fans rallied to show their support and concern. Clips of Wendy's updates and her parents' heartfelt message were shared widely, with many urging others to pray for her swift recovery.


Papás de Wendy Guevara piden oraciones para su hija, tras ser hospitalizada de emergencia Los padres de la popular influencer mexicana, Wendy Guevara, han pedido oraciones por la pronta recuperación de su hija, quien fue ingresada de emergencia al hospital debido a un fuerte dolor abdominal. La noticia fue compartida por la propia Wendy a través de sus redes sociales, donde informó a sus seguidores sobre su situación de salud y la necesidad de intervención médica urgente. Según los padres de Wendy, la emergencia médica fue causada por una piedra en la vesícula que se desplazó al páncreas. #WendyGuevara #Hospitalizacion #Recuperacion

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Wendy Guevara's health scare

Wendy Guevara, a prominent figure in the LGBTQIA community and part of the comedic duo "Las Perdidas," rose to fame with her humorous and candid content. Her participation in "La Casa de los Famosos México" further cemented her status as a household name, endearing her to millions with her vibrant personality and genuine interactions. Predicably, she revealed her health crisis in the same manner.

The influencer's health scare began on Friday, when she first experienced severe pain. Despite initial treatment and medication, her condition worsened, leading to hospitalization and an emergency intervention over the weekend.

"The doctor came to see her because she started feeling unwell, gave her an injection, and administered some medication. She was able to do what she needed to do, but then she couldn't anymore and he came back on Friday night. Yesterday (Saturday), she felt a bit better and went to the movies, but she couldn't bear the pain anymore and had to undergo emergency surgery," a close source shared.

How is Wendy Guevara?

By Monday morning, she had reappeared on social media, albeit in a visibly weakened state, to reassure her followers. With a slow voice and clear signs of discomfort, she did not delve into the specifics of her procedure or current condition.

Instead, she took a moment to wish a happy birthday to a member of her team. "I just got out of surgery and everything. I want to wish Juca a happy birthday and send him my best regards. I love you, Juca. Congratulations and thank you because you always make me look great," she said.Her brief but heartfelt message was a relief to many, indicating that the surgery had likely gone as planned. Fans flooded her social media with messages of support and well-wishes, eager to see their favorite influencer back on her feet and back to her vibrant self.

As Wendy recovers, her millions of followers continue to send positive vibes and prayers, showcasing the strong bond between the influencer and her community. Her next project is the miniseries "Un amor viejo en París," which she shot with Julián Gil in Paris, as a promotional production for the 2024 Olympics.

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