Ana Gabriel rushed to the hospital in Chile after aconcert
Courtesy Cardenas Entertainment

Renowned Mexican singer Ana Gabriel was rushed to the hospital after her first concert in Chile due to a severe respiratory infection. This unexpected turn of events led to the cancellation of her second scheduled performance in Santiago at the Movistar Arena.

In a heartfelt video posted on Instagram, Ana Gabriel shared the news of her health crisis. She revealed that she had to seek urgent medical care after falling ill with influenza, an acute disease caused by a respiratory virus from the Orthomyxoviridae family.

"Friends, as you can see, I had to come to the emergency room right after the concert, which is why I'm still wearing makeup," the singer said.

How bad is Ana Gabriel's health crisis?

According to a report by local media outlet Chilevisión, Ana Gabriel "began experiencing discomfort from the first minutes" of her show. The ballad singer had to "leave the stage several times to rest" and received "oxygen through a mask at various moments" during her performance. Despite these challenges, the artist persevered and continued to sing her well-known songs for nearly three hours before finally leaving the venue and heading to Clínica Alemana in Santiago.

According to Chilean newspaper La Tercera, Ana Gabriel had been suffering from a "severe influenza" for several days before the concert. She was reportedly "hospitalized for a few hours, underwent tests, and was prescribed antibiotics."

What is next for Ana Gabriel?

The Latin music superstar explained that she now needs to rest to ensure she can continue performing for her beloved fans at future concerts. Ana Gabriel emphasized that she does not want to disappoint those who have eagerly awaited her shows.

"I need to fulfill my commitments to Santiago, Paraguay, and Brazil. I must rest for a few days, and I want to thank Santiago for their understanding, love, and support tonight. Your voices and complicity helped me through this," she added regarding the next stops in the South American leg of her tour.

According to Ana Gabriel, her last performance was incredibly challenging. However, with the unwavering support of her audience, she managed to complete it. "It pains me to say that tonight was a great effort for me, but you filled me with so much love that I made it through. Not in the way I would have liked or as you deserve, but I did it," she added.

Ana Gabriel confirmed that her concert in Chile, originally scheduled for the previous day, has been postponed. She hopes that, with some rest, she will return to full health soon.

"The concert scheduled for today, May 15, will be rescheduled. I just need a little rest," concluded the singer. Fans around the world have been sending their best wishes for her speedy recovery. Despite this setback, Ana Gabriel's commitment to her fans remains unwavering, and she looks forward to returning to the stage as soon as her health allows.

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