Mexican designer Sánchez-Kane debuted at New York Fashion Week Men’s with a unique collection that mixed her background, style and colorfulness in a successful show that left attendants, including NYFWM ambassador Chyno Miranda, amazed and intrigued. She teamed up with AXE to complete the look with enviable hair that’s also easy to get. The emerging designer revealed what inspired her to create this line: “Our culture. Our Latin culture, Mexican culture is very eccentric and folkloric. The mix of all of that was there during the show. In the music, in the collection, in the mood, in everything,” the designer told Latin Times after the runway show.

In some of the pieces, she incorporated messages from her journal entries, and in others, Mexican references including the wood beaded seat covers taxi drivers in Mexico City frequently use, and floral tapestries that embellished a few items. Although Sánchez-Kane is known for her tailored numbers, she used different elements like the curls in a pinwheel, ties, straps, metal wire and even water bottles.

Sanchez Kane Sánchez-Kane Men's Spring 2018. Courtesy of Nicholas Policarpo for AXE

Although Sánchez Kane is a name that’s making big impressions in the fashion industry, it’s not something that she had in mind while growing up. “I never really dreamed of being a designer,” she told us. “I enjoyed dressing up, and that developed into something more.” She added. “Unfortunately, in Mexico, art and those types of career paths are not necessarily well accepted, so I got away from that a little bit. But in the end I realized that even though I wasn’t the best sketcher, or the best painter, or even the best ‘artist,’ but I was the person who could express herself and wasn’t afraid to do so, and once I realized that, all of this was born.”

We asked her out of all of her pieces she’s ever created, which was the one that meant the most to her, to which she replied, “It was a piece from my graduating collection. A jacket that read ‘Mom Approves’ in the back, which was something I did after I came out of the closet to her. The model walked down the runway with it and it also had like little kama sutra figures with two women. It’s a very important piece for me.”

There were no kama sutra figures in this collection, but her personality shone through her designs. Check some of the styles below and find out how to get the models’ looks in simple steps.

Sánchez-Kane – The Slick and Sleek

Sanchez Kane The Slick and Sleek. Courtesy of Nicholas Policarpo for AXE

  • Start by sectioning off hair into top, middle and bottom portions.
  • Flat iron the bottom section and follow down hair using a fine-tooth comb; repeat on middle and top sections.
  • Select the placement on head to tie the lanyard on and secure.
  • Working your way around the head, apply AXE Clean Cut Look Signature Pomade to flatten hair further and create a greasy look. 

Sánchez-Kane – The Greasy Fro

Sanchez Kane The Greasy Fro. Courtesy of Nicholas Policarpo for AXE

Sánchez-Kane – The Long Slick Down

Sanchez Kane The long slick down. Courtesy of Nicholas Policarpo for AXE

  • Start by sectioning off hair into top, middle and bottom portions.
  • Flat iron the bottom section then apply a bit of AXE Smooth Look Shine Pomade before combing through for an extra smooth look.
  • Repeat on middle and top sections.
  • Comb hair back and down to an inch above the nape of the neck.
  • Finish off by apply AXE Clean Cut Look Signature Pomade to add a bit of sheen and tame flyaways.

About Sánchez-Kane:

Sanchez Kane Sánchez-Kane (in pink in the middle) celebrating after her successful NYFWM show. Courtesy of Nicholas Policarpo for AXE

Bárbara Sánchez-Kane is a Mexican born fashion designer. She completed a degree from Universidad Anahuac in Industrial Engineering, and later went on to complete another in Fashion Design from Polimoda in Florence. She presented her graduate collection “Catch as a Catch can” during Pitti Uomo, witch was featured in Vogue Talent top emerging designers to watch. She graduated in 2015 after interning with German designer Bernhard Willhelm in Los Angeles. After gaining experience working with an international company, she decided in 2015 to launch her brand Sánchez-Kane.

She was invited to present her first collection “Courage of the Brave” during Los Angeles Fashion Week. She was named finalist for a year program sponsored by TFORTHREE, an Italian fashion incubator for young designers in Milan. The designer presented her last collection “Citizen Sanchez-Kane” during FASHIONCLASH festival, an international and interdisciplinary fashion platform with a main focus on new generation of designers/artists. While always specifically menswear focused, her collections are motivated by her Mexican heritage and deeply influenced by her personal intrinsic emotional elements. Sánchez-Kane lies somewhere in between real and fantasy, Mexican elements and emotional chaos.