Pedroluiz Ibarra and Andrés Bernardo are young gay couple from Mexico that got engaged a year ago, after a highly produced flash mob that ended with a marriage proposal from Ibarra. Pedroluiz organized the routine and recorded every aspect of the preparation, from the buying of the engagement ring up until the choreography practice of everyone that was going to be involved. With the help of his friends, the spectacular number came to life inside the dance studio with Andrés being paraded around seeing couples dance and kiss each other in different scenarios before being brought inside the main studio. Inside Pedroluiz finally appears and kneels in front of Andrés and said, "you are, you have been and you will be the love of all of my lives. 'Pedazo' I am ready to continue with this journey, will you come with me?"

This flash mob number, that happened a year ago, reminded us of the gay couple in Utah that got engaged in a Home Depot. In that proposal a man was taken to the "do-it-yourself" store under the false pretense he was there to help out a roommate. When he arrived he found a flash mob composed of friends and family waiting for him in colorful outfits dancing to the tune of "Somebody Loves You" by Betty Who. In contrast with the Mexican couple, these guys involved the parents from both sides and received favorable comments from viewers after the video went viral.

Ibarra and Bernardo's story just got out in Mexico, and since then it has received a negative backlash and comments that leave a lot to be desired. "You congratulate a pair of degenerates for making public their bizarre acts. We can only wait for pedophiles do the same, either way legislation protects the mentally ill and make the healthy population crazy," a user by the name of Kukulkan said here. Another user by the name of David said, "People become increasingly more braze. This pair of homosexuals is what is wrong with a society that increasingly deteriorates."

The couple resides in Monterrey --the same city that expelled a student because of having gay dads-- but will not be able to marry in their hometown as same-sex marriage is not recognized in that Mexican state. Pedroluiz and Andrés will travel to the nations capital and tie the knot this Friday, September 27th, there and begin the next chapter in their lives.The wedding party will be in Puerto Vallarta. Check out the marriage proposal down below and tell us what you think. 

 Gay Marriage Proposal Has Flash Mob Of Friends And Family At A Home Depot In Utah [VIDEO]