Woman Becomes Slave For 2 Years
A woman in Mexico was locked up and tortured for two years was able to escape her captors to end her calvary. Shutterstock

The job market these days is tough and when you finally land employment you want to secure it as your means of income to survive. A 22-year-old woman in Mexico landed a job, but she probably wished she would have never gotten it. The young female was out looking for employment when she stopped by a dry cleaning establishment. She secured her position and was even permitted to live there by the generous owners. Everything was fine and dandy and the woman was finally able to work and gain some money until she was accused of robbery. This is when things went south and a 2-year-long calvary commenced.

The 22-year-old says that she was chained up to a furniture and was tortured for two long years. Local authorities say that she was their slave and would make her work all day, only allowing her to eat once a day. When the woman reported to the authorities the horrifying experience they noticed she was in very bad health and condition. She was diagnosed with anemia, some of her organs are not working properly and was told she was an 80-year-old woman from the inside.

After suffering for two years she was able to free herself and run out of that hell hole when the lock in her chain was not closed properly. There were four women and one man that were arrested for being allegedly involved in the incident. The victim has identified all of these people as the culprit of that horrendous life as a slave. We hope she returns back to health and is able to surpass this tragedy in her life.

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