Peru's new President Dina Boluarte was scrambling to form a government after the country was thrown into political chaos AFP / Cris BOURONCLE

Peruvian President Dina Boluarte decided to withdraw her country's ambassador after Mexican President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador's criticism. And now, Mexico has said that it regretted her decision.

In a statement issued on Saturday, Mexico's Foreign Relations Department said that Mexico "will keep open diplomatic channels of communication to benefit both societies." According to the Associated Press, it further said that it also expressed hope that a "democratic agreement can be reached soon to resolve the differences in our fellow Latin American country."

Obrador said during his regular morning press briefing Friday that he had seen polls "where the spurious president (Boluarte) has 15% acceptance and 85% disapprove of her."

He shared that members of Peru's Parliament have even less approval, and that they have 90% of the rejection and even so they rule with "bayonets and with repression, force."

Later Friday, Boluarte rejected his comments on the internal affairs of Peru, and the "unacceptable questions that he repeatedly formulates about the constitutional and democratic origin" of Peru's government.

According to TRT World, she said that with his statements, he violates the principle of "international law about non-interference in internal affairs."

Obrador's domestic policies and relations with America are not particularly leftist, but he was made a point of supporting leftist regimes like Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

While Obrador has slammed the killing of protesters in Peru, he has been criticized for not saying much the hundreds of Nicaraguans killed or exiled by President Daniel Ortega's government.

On Dec. 7, 2022, Boluarte took office after then-president Pedro Castillo was ousted by Parliament after he tried to dissolve Congress. It was done to avoid a vote on his removal from office.

Since December, there have been protests that have left 60 dead. One cop was also burned to death in a patrol car.

Obrador has frequently expressed his support for Castillo, 53. He said that Castillo had been "illegally ousted."

BBC reported that Castillo, who is currently in prison, is facing charges of rebellion and conspiracy.

Apart from Obrador, Argentina, Bolivia and Colombia have also urged Peru to reinstate Castillo. But others have denounced his actions and slammed the countries that support him.

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