Mexico Sen. Monica Arriola Dies: Elba Esther Gordillo's Daughter Loses Battle To Cancer At 44

sen. monica arriola
Mexico Senator Monica Arriola, daughter of Elba Esther Gordillo, has passed away at 44. Partido Nueva Alianza

Last night, at 11:55pm, the daughter of former National Education Workers Union leader, Elba Esther Gordillo, passed away after losing her battle to cancer. Senator Monica Arriola had reportedly been fighting the disease on and off, for seven long years, until her death at 44 years old. Arriola had been deeply involved in politics alongside her mother, participating in the political party Nueva Alianza, which Gordillo herself founded. Manuel Cárdenas will be taking Arriola’s seat as senator.

At the moment, Gordillo continues to face criminal charges for embezzlement and is in a hospital in Mexico City, after being transferred for alleging she needed medical treatment, which could not be provided in prison. When the news broke, the former union leader immediately requested a permit to leave the hospital to attend her daughter’s funeral. Gordillo was able to leave the premises under heavily supervised transportation and will be at the funeral for the next few hours.

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