In Mexico's fight against violence, the country has been going through a constant struggle of regaining control. In the light of recent deaths and dirty politicians, the country has not had an easy time handling all the violence. It is now being reported that three more police officers have become casualties in the ongoing social destruction.

According to FOX News Latino, three members of Mexico's federal police were found burned to death inside a vehicle in the southern state of Guerrero. The Attorney General's office revealed that the murders took place on the highway linking the Pacific coast cities of Acapulco and Zihuatanejo.

While there is no motive as to why the murders occured, the Attorney General's office has shared that an investigation will be carried out to find out the cause.

Authorities "will carry out an exhaustive investigation to identify and detain those responsible for such regrettable deeds," the statement said.

The site reports that Mexican media outlets claim that the triple-murder took place at around 5p.m. Thursday. A group of armed men reportedly set the officers' vehicle on fire with the cops trapped inside.

Strangely, next to the fully burned vehicle was a message left from the killers accusing the slain cops of having ties to organized crime. ABC7 also reports that a fourth person's remains were found nearby.

The site reveals that the message suggests that the killings were in retaliation against people who protected a gang purportedly linked to the Jalisco New Generation cartel. The security spokesman for the southern state of Guerrero, Roberto Alvarez, said the detectives' bodies had been covered with logs and set afire. Their weapons were also burned.

The claim is not a shock as many law enforcement officials and politicians throughout Mexico and Latin America have often been charged with involvement in organized crime.

While the Attorney General is standing firm on not knowing the exact motive for the triple-murder, the investigation is said to be investigating whether claims of organized crime participation led to the untimely deaths of the officers.

This story is developing.