Mexico Vs. Brazil: When And Where To Watch 2013 Confederations Cup Match; Preview

Mexico Vs. Brazil is this Wednesday!
Mexico Vs. Brazil is this Wednesday! Reuters

Brazil's growing confidence pitted against Mexico's desperate need for at least a draw will create an electrifying Matchday 2 showdown. Mexico continues to struggle offensively and enters this second match after a crushing loss against Italy in which the squad scored only one goal on a penalty kick by star striker Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez. Brazil, on the other hand, is gaining momentum right out of the gate as it rocked opponent Japan, 3-0, in its opening match. Two quality teams will be facing off Wednesday, with the fate of the match boiling down to one-on-one contention from its superior players.

Where and When to Watch Mexico vs. Brazil

The showdown is set to begin Wednesday at 3 p.m. EST. A livestream will be available at WatchESPN, set to begin at 2:45 p.m. Viewers can also catch the match via televised coverage on ESPN Network.

Team Preview - Mexico

Mexico must pull through, at least by a draw, in this match if it wants to keep its Confederations Cup dreams alive. A loss against Brazil coupled with a near-inevitable win for Italy against Japan means they are out of the competition, FIFA reported. Chicharito, however, could prove to be the saving grace of his squad as he is in top form to manuever around Brazil's defense for a chance at a goal. He will be giving David Luiz a particularly difficult time, as he is perhaps the only man for Brazil formidable enough to stop him, though his speed is not near on par with Hernandez.

Giovani Dos Santos will also prove to be a difficult man to counter, with Marcelo perhaps being the best man to do the job. Dos Santos set up Mexico's only goal of the game against Italy when he played a ball Andrea Barzagli couldn't get a hold of before being taken down in the box, giving Chicharito a chance to score on a penalty. Like Chicharito, he is all over the field and difficult to peg down. At his prime, he could dismantle Brazil's defenses, which are struggling, to land a ball in the net, Bleacher Report predicted.

Team Preview - Brazil

Brazil's attack-heavy squad is the favorite to take the Cup, but the speed of Mexico's offense could shatter its currently weak defense. It must bolster its defense if it hopes to keep the lid on Mexico's tough strikers. The squad will be expected to build from its young core of players like Hulk and Neymar to fight off Mexico's defense, which is doing much better than its fragile offense. A win would launch the home team to the semifinals and potentially send Mexico packing.

Neymar is likely to be heavily guarded as his scoring prowess is valuable to Brazil. It is Mexico's defense that has kept them alive despite their failings with scoring, but Neymar could be the one to rattle them. He has already proved himself this early in the competition, blasting Japan with an incredible 25-foot goal in its first game. If he can fend off the likes of Hector Moreno, Mexico's hopes may be dashed.


Mexico will be fighting harder than ever as it tries to stay afloat in the competition. The team of swift, elusive strikers could pulverize Brazil's lack of defense, though Brazil's attackers will be a tough foe. Brazil has the confidence and home field advantage that could really turn on its game and send Mexico out of the competition. Expect a nail-biter as the two fight for very different ends in an attempt to show their standing in the competition.

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