The Mexican national soccer team was the butt of all jokes following their disastrous performance at Copa América 2016. Fans took to social media to express their disgust at how poorly the players performed during the match against Chile. After the 7-0 final score, the Mexicans were eliminated from the tournament and their hopes of winning the cup vanished. It was not long before the players expressed their sentiments about letting down soccer fans.

Javier 'Chicharito' Hernández: "I apologize to all the Mexicans for not being able to represent the way you deserve tonight. We are ashamed, sad and hurt..."

Guillermo 'Memo Ochoa: "Very ashamed for what happened tonight. I apologize to all the Mexican fans, a lot of feelings of impotence and frustration."

Miguel Layún: "People, today I just want to apologize for what we lived. Thank you for all your support and I feel bad for what happened in today's game. I hope this leaves us with a great lesson and I apologize again for everything we were not able to achieve today."

Oribe Peralta: "We are a country of 125 million citizens, we are all México, we can't blame the people at the front, let's support and be there in the good and the bad, everyone together. We are all capable of improving. We are all México."

Rafa Marquéz released an official statement where he expressed the following: "We are ashamed with our fans, our coach. What we showed today was not any professional likes or wants to lose like that, today was a bad day and we need to front the situation. Maybe it was a day of bad luck because we don't think it reflects what we had been doing, it's just a slip up."