Mexico's National Action Party Creates Neo-Nazi Organization To 'Protect' Society Against 'Moral Decadence' Facebook/Juan Barrera Espinosa

Last year, the supporters of Mexico's conservative National Action Party created the Mexican Nationalist Movement of Labor, a neo-Nazi group with the intention to "protect traditional families, the Catholic-Christian religion, and relive the history of the Nazi doctrine." The group, which considers itself to be a political alternative to the 'Zionist capitalism,' argues that democracy has the interest of few in mind.

First created in Jalisco last November, the neo-Nazi organization is headed by Juan Barrera Espinosa. Earlier this year, on the 125th birthday of Adolf Hitler, Espinosa called upon his 'comrades' on social networks to honor the birth of the German dictator. Animal Politico reports that the organization's doctrine includes to 'protect society' and to oppose gay marriages and adoptions.

Photographs from meetings held by the organization reveal that members attend wearing armbands and Nazi uniforms. Many attendees also emulate Hitler's haircut. Incidentally, the Mexican state of Sonora has banned parents from naming their children Hitler earlier this year.

Neo-Nazi groups are nothing new to Latin American countries, as many of them exist throughout the region. In Chile, an organization known as "El Martillo del Sur" is a well-known neo-Nazi group and in Colombia there is the "Tercera Fuerza." Ironically; however, the German dictator that these individuals follow and try to mimic is the same that would not consider them worthy of his leadership.

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