Goran Dragic has wrapped up his current deal with the Miami Heat after completing his last contract. The Slovenian could have made a difference in the 2020 NBA Finals but a plantar fascia tear suffered during Game 1 prevented him from seeing action.

Dragic did play in Game 6 of the Finals, a move that could have forced Erik Spoelstra to tap him with most of his key players tired. Playing with an injury, Dragic was hardly a share of his old self as the Los Angeles Lakers romped away with their 17th NBA title.

With the NBA on break, Dragic is now trying to address his injury. Per ESPN, Dragic will not need surgery for his plantar fascia tear. Rather, he will need to rest it instead.

“They told me when you snap the fascia, it’s basically you did your own surgery. So from now on, just rest and it’s gonna get better on their own,” Dragic said. "So I don’t need to go to the doctor, no surgery, nothing. But like I said, the one thing that I didn’t have was time, and it was tough.”

That should be great news for Heat fans although there are other matters on the table. One of them includes whether the Heat will re-sign him for next season. And even if they do, how much will be offered and for how long?

At 34, there is no question that Dragic is at the twilight of his career. Though he shone during the the2019-20 season, it remains that injuries will start to show. Even if his current one heals, there is a high possibility that new ones will crop up.

Dragic could be of use to the Heat or other teams but more of a mentor and someone who can provide veteran smarts. But as far as playing time, there is a big chance he could be seeing a dip in minutes with most clubs opting to give rising younger players more action on the court.

The Heat have been known to keep players for as long as they can. A good example is Udonis Haslem. For Dragic, he could listen to offers from other teams. But somehow, his best option appears to be with the Heat if he is looking for security.

Goran Dragic #7 of the Miami Heat Goran Dragic #7 of the Miami Heat Getty Images | Kevin C. Cox