A Michael Jackson impersonator in Las Vegas was seen successfully fighting off a man on Monday, Jan. 17, after the drunk bystander reportedly charged at the performer while the impersonator was on the street doing their job.

Santana Jackson, a Michael Jackson impersonator who works in a Vegas-based tribute concert "MJ Live Show," was seen in a video fighting off the assailant, who may have been drinking and wore a green shirt with the caption “Can’t Fix Stupid,” according to the New York Post.

Jackson was seen in the video, posted by Twitter user @DeeganMarcus, being fought by the assailant before the performer expertly subdued the man and put them in a headlock submission choke, which by then encouraged onlookers to help de-escalate the fight before the man passed out.

Jackson has said in a statement that the attack was largely random and that the man was the one who struck first by hitting him in the face. Jackson, who has a background in professional wrestling, said that he put him in a headlock to reduce the chances of hurting the man, TMZ reported.

Reportedly, after the video ended, the man attempted to start the fight again before the police got involved. He then hit one of the police officers in the face, causing him to get arrested. It is not known if he is still under police custody.

Online users found the Jackson video riveting to watch, with the original video upload on Twitter seeing over 1.9 million views, with many mixed martial arts fans commenting on the great technique used by the impersonator to subdue the assailant.

“Michael Jackson Impersonator 10-8,” social media user @philthemmadude said. “Note how he stays calm while taking his opponent down and sinking in the choke. Beautiful stuff.”

In an Instagram post talking about the incident, Jackson said that he was thankful for his professional wrestling training, saying “I'm not trying to hurt this guy just trying to restrain him from swinging at me.

“Please know I don't think fighting is the answer so try to avoid a fight if u can,” he said.

Santana Jackson, who works as a Michael Jackson impersonator for the "MJ Live Show," was seen carefully subduing a man in a chokehold after the man attempted to attack him. This is a representational image. Chris Jackson/Getty Images

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