Michelle Knight, Cleveland Kidnapping Victim, Refuses To See Mother And Sister After Being Freed From 11-Year Captivity [VIDEO]

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight express gratitude for the tremendous outpouring of kindness they have received in a video. Reuters

Michelle Knight, Cleveland Kidnapping Victim, has refused to meet with her mother after being rescued from the home of Ariel Castro, where she was held prisoner for 11 years. The 32-year-old has not yet even spoken to her mother, Barbara Knight.

A family friend revealed that Michelle has not responded to a card or letter that was sent by her mother. She has even refused to meet her 10-year-old sister, who was born after Castro kidnapped Michelle.

Michelle's mother, Barbara who now lives in Naples, Florida, was in shock when Michelle made her first public appearance. She had no idea her daughter had made the video in the first place, she only found out when a family friend told her about the video in which Michelle discusses her harrowing kidnapping and "going to hell and back."

The close family friend revealed that Barbara is devastated by Michelle’s silence towards her mother. “Barbara is hurt. She is very hurt. All she wants to do is see and speak to her daughter. She wants her youngest daughter Katie to meet Michelle,” said the friend.

Barbara has attempted in everyway to contact her daughter; she has sent cards and letters, phoned her and even traveled to Cleveland, Ohio after Michelle was rescued. The friend alleged, "She has sent lots of letters and cards. Presumably they are being given to Michelle but she has not had a single word from her. She has tried repeatedly to make contact, but has heard nothing back. It is very sad."

Knight, went missing in 2002, was only 21 when she was kidnapped by Castro off the street. Tragically, little police investigation went into her kidnapping, her family stated Knight had probably run away after the Ohio Department of Family Services took her young son from her.

Knight is the oldest of the three girls who were held captive at the hands of Castro. However, police believe that Knight suffered most at the hands of her alleged kidnapper. Court documents have revealed she fell pregnant several times but miscarried after being beaten and starved.

Amanda Berry and Gina De Jesus each had very emotional reunions with their family in the days after being freed from Castro's home. Barbara Knight flew into Cleveland in the hope of being reunited with her daughter, she went to the hospital Michelle was being treated and still her daughter refused to see her.

"Barbara was very hurt. She had taken her 10-year-old daughter Katie to Cleveland so that she could meet her sister. After a week she had to send Katie back to Naples so she could go back to school," the family friend told MailOnline.



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