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One person killed in Paris knife attack, attacker shot dead PIXABAY

Alisha Caver, a 56-year-old grandmother, allegedly stabbed her 2-year-old grandson in a Detroit apartment Thursday. She is charged with first-degree child abuse, assault with intent to do significant bodily harm, and felonious assault.

Police responded to St. Antoine Gardens apartments off of I-75 and Warren Ave in Detroit at about 1:30 a.m. on Oct. 20 after the victim was stabbed in the side of his head several times, Fox 2 Detroit reported.

When the authorities arrived, the boy was bleeding from the right side of his head. Immediately, the boy was rushed to a hospital and survived. He is currently listed as stable.

Caver was arraigned Sunday in 36th District Court. The court ordered her to give a $10,000 cash/surety bond and a no-contact order with the victim. Her next court appearance will be on Wednesday for a bond redetermination hearing before Judge Kenneth King. The probable cause hearing has been scheduled to happen on Oct 31. Her preliminary investigation has been scheduled for Nov 7.

Fox News reported that a spokesperson for the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office said that it isn't thinking about additional charges such as attempted murder. However, the spokesperson added that if Caver gets convicted on child abuse charge, she could face up to life in jail. The child doesn't live with his grandmother but often stays at her apartment.

In a similar incident a 15-year-old girl in Detroit, Michigan fatally stabbed her mother while in an altercation in front of their home Thursday. Officers said the two were in an argument wielding knives when the victim's father drove up and witnessed the incident. The 41-year-old victim was rushed to the hospital by her father. However, the mother who sustained stab wounds to the neck and chest succumbed to her injuries. The teenage daughter fled the scene after the fatal incident but later turned herself into the authorities.

Detroit Police Commander Michael McGinnis confirmed that there was an argument and knives were involved. The officer added that the 15-year-old suspect left the scene immediately but her family was very helpful in getting her to surrender. The teenager incurred minor injuries in the confrontation as both she and her mother were carrying knives.

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