Miguel Bosé's Mom Could Spend 2 Years In Prison After Selling Original Pablo Picasso Drawing

Miguel Bose
Lucía Bosé, mother of Miguel Bosé, is accused of misappropriation after she allegedly sold a Pablo Picasso drawing and never gave money to the heirs of the true owner. Getty Images

In criminal law, misappropriation is the illegal use of the property or funds of another person for one's own use or other unauthorized purpose. The crime can have very serious consequences, including imprisonment.

Since misappropriation is considered a form of theft, the Office of the Public Prosecutor of Madrid requests 24 months of imprisonment for actress Lucia Bosé, mother of singer Miguel Bosé, for a crime that she allegedly committed when she decided to sell at an auction a drawing by the renowned artist Pablo Picasso, who belonged to Remedios TM, a former domestic worker who had died on April 5, 1999.

According to the brief of provisional accusation, the date of the oral trial is still pending, and as presented by Debate, the public prosecutor maintains that the late employee lived in the house of the actress during fifty years until her death.

It is reported that she kept all her belongings there, including a drawing dedicated to her and that Pablo Ruiz Picasso would have done titling it "La Chumbera." The drawing has a dedication that reads "for Reme" and the inscribed date of the year 63.

La Chumbera "La Chumbera" by Pablo Picasso. EFE

The Prosecutor assures that Lucía Bosé auctioned the drawing in 2008 for an amount of 198,607 euros, by not delivering the money to the heirs of Remedios, the actress could be sentenced to two years in prison for misappropriation and compensation for the amount of the sale in concept of civil responsibility for the two nieces of Remedios whom the prosecution considers heirs.

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