Miguel Cotto will face Sergio “La Maravilla” Martínez at Madison Garden in New York on June 7 in a WBC middleweight championship fight. Cotto looks to make history by being the first Puerto Rican to hold world titles in four weight divisions. Freddie Roach, his trainer, and Cotto himself have made it clear that they have trained and prepared for the best version of Sergio Martínez. “We are having a great training camp. Miguel is working really hard and we have great sparring partners, some really awkward southpaws. Everything is right on schedule. Miguel is in great  shape and I can’t wait for this fight to happen. We are going into the fight thinking Sergio is going to be the best that he can be and that’s the way it should be,” Roach said.

Latin Times had the chance to attend a press conference with Miguel Cotto and his entire team. The most popular topic of the press conference was related to the Puerto Rican’s weight due to the fact that he will be fighting in 160 lbs when he is used to fighting in 147 and 154.

When asked about how comfortable he felt fighting at 160 lbs and if he thought there were any disadvantages, Cotto responded, “I am working hard and at the level where Freddie wants me to be and the fact that I can put aside the thoughts of my weight and just do my job and that is to train for the fight is an advantage, not a disadvantage.”

When asked about whose idea it was for him to fighting in another weight division, Cotto responded, “The first thing we said when we sat at the table was that Sergio wanted to make his weight. He is not going to be able to do less than 159. It was a petition to us.”

Don’t miss Cotto vs. Martínez on June 7 live from Madison Square Garden in New York. Will Cotto be able to fight comfortably in a new weight division or will the Argentine southpaw reign supreme?